Zero project report 2012: Interational study on the implementation of the UN conventrion on the rights of persons with disabilities


In this report we see the State of the implementation of the UN Convention in 36 countries and in nine Austrian federal provinces, based on 21 social indicators, 27 Good Practice Examples from 15 countries , nominated, selected and reviewed by an international network of disability experts and 8 Good Policy Examples from seven countries, nominated by disability policy experts from all around the world, researched by the World Future Council and selected by an international Scientific Advisory Board.

verantwoordelijkeMichael Fembek ; Tom Butcher ; Ingrid Heindorf ; Caroline Wallner-Mikl
organisatieZero Project
instellingZero Project
pagina's13 p.
trefwoordengelijke behandeling ; gehandicapten ; VN-verdrag
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datum invoer07-12-2011