Time for equality at work: Global Report under the Follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work


The report retraces the growth of the awareness of discrimination in employment and occupation as intolerable and reviews some of the major international milestones since the Second World War. The face of discrimination is changing and the report looks at some of the stereotypes and prejudices that exist on the basis of race, religion, age and those living with HIV/AIDS and disabilities. Women, however, continue to be the largest discriminated group and the report examines gender disparities in labour force participation rates, unemployment rates, remuneration and the jobs performed by most women and most men. The report shows that many of those who suffer from discrimination – especially on the basis of sex or color – face a persistent “equality gap” that divides them from dominant groups who enjoy a better life, or even from their own peers who have benefited from anti-discrimination laws and policies.

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