Study on challenges and good practices in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities VC/2008/1214; Final Report


The study aimed to analyse in detail the obligations set forth in the Convention, and in particular to gather information about the various practices related to the implementation of the Convention by the EU and its Member States. The goal was to identify challenges that may hinder the full and effective implementation of the Convention, and measures that would facilitate the achievement of its objectives (good practices). The study is designed to support the objectives of the current EU Disability Action Plan with its emphasis on full participation and equal opportunities for all people with disabilities and to contribute to the preparation of the new EU disability strategy.

verantwoordelijkeGerard Quinn...[et al.]
organisatieEuropean Foundation Centre
instellingEuropean Foundation Centre
pagina's187 p.
trefwoordenV-verdrag ; rechten, gehandicapten ; implementatie ; ervaringsverhalen ; UN-Convention
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datum invoer12-04-2011