Disability in the Workplace: Employers’ Organizations and Business Networks


Employers' organizations and business networks can play a major role in providing technical advice and services that help employers to hire, manage and retain employees with disabilities. Through their work and engagement, which differ depending on the environment in which they exist, they are able to change and improve disability practices by demonstrating leadership and providing guidance. These themes are the basis of Disability in the Workplace: Employers' Organizations and Business Networks, which describes the contemporary experiences of 12 employers' organizations and business networks on the issue of disability inclusion. The descriptions are short, only three to five pages, but each captures the origin, context and structure of the 12 organizations as they relate to the issue of disability. Disability in the Workplace: employers' Organizations and Business Networks provides insights into how representative organizations of business address the issue of disability. The practices described in these examples demonstrate how such organizations are well placed to link business interests and the productive integration of people with disabilities in the labour market.

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